Tuesday, February 3, 2009

the birth and death of the day

I have had an exceptionally lovely day. And it's not even over yet.

The weather is cold, but sunny, my favorite, and although I didn't really wear an appropriate jacket, I'm pleased.

Pryor went very well this morning. I'm very glad that we are going to do the Campus Kicthens Project. It is going to fill such an important need in the community and I think it will really help show Jewell's commitment to service to the greater KC area. We formed into project teams this morning and assigned classroom roles for the rest of the semester and I am very happy about my choices. I'm going to help coordinate volunteers for the project which is something I love to do.

Instrumental was awesome today. I have to admit that so far there is a little more physics involved than I had anticipated, so sometimes it gets confusing, but today I totally understood. And by far the coolest thing I have learned this semester we discussed in class, which was why carrots look orange. The reason is becuase carrots are comprised largely of a compound called beta carotene. The structure of beta carotene contains a number of double bonds which result in delocalized electrons. The more delocalized electrons there are, the more potential jumps between energy levels the molcule can make. With more possible changes in energy, the compound will absorb visible light of a specific wavelength, which corresponds to a color. The opposite of that color is the color that it appears. Beta carotene actually abosrbs blue light and so it appears orange. Hooray!

The rest of the day has honestly been a little disappointing comparatively, but still good. The sun is shining, I'm listening to some sweet tunes, I have work to do, but not too much, and everything is right.

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Laura said...

Just as a testiment to being a fellow nerd, I totally wish I could have been in that class to learn about the carrots too. That's easily one of the coolest things ever. I LOVE MOLECULES!