Monday, March 16, 2009

lost in the plot

Spring Break '09.

I needed a break in the worst way. This past week has been sickly and tiring. I managed to get everything finished on time, but I needed to go home.

Last night I went with Anna and Katie to see Andrew Bird! He was fantastic. In general, I try not to compare concerts because they are usually so good, but in different ways. Andrew is definitely the most talented and unique popular musician I've seen live. His skill is ridiculous. I just love how he loops different components of the songs together. There were a couple of times that he and his band actually messed up and had to restart. On one hand it is a little bit lame to go to a concert and have the band restart the song, but on the other, if you think about it, when he loops the songs like that, if one part is not right, then it's going to be wrong the whole time. So, I didn't mind. I think my favorite part was definitely the gramophones on stage. I think they were a mix of decoration and functional speakers. There was also a double-gramophone that spun in time with certain songs. There was a microphone positioned at each of the ends and as the sound came out, because of the doppler effect, they kept their own time. It was really neat. Bah, great show.

So far being at home has been pretty peaceful, very renewing. I feel like I'm heading into the home stretch and it's nice to check in first. Crazy though. Strangely, it has also been reassuring. I like coming home and being reminded of who I am. Sometimes I feel that gets a little lost on The Hill.

I got about 10GB worth of new music on Saturday. I'm in indie heaven.