Thursday, March 3, 2011

white rabbit

So, I thought that I would just post some videos that I've been into lately. The first is the Jefferson Airplane cover, White Rabbit, from Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. I really love her soulful voice. It's classic rock n' roll.

Second, we have Wanda Jackson, rockabilly legend. She has this interesting voice that sounds a little worse for the wear, but hey, she's 73 and still going at it. She was kind of a big deal during the height of the original rock n' roll. This latest collaboration with Jack White is pretty neat.

Finally, Lady Gaga's Born this way. Ok, here's my take on LG: I think it's great that she loves being completely out there and pushing boundaries, etc etc. I really do. And I think she has/is doing great work for gay rights. And I love her songs...they are catchy, upbeat, and fun to dance to. But something about her videos gets on my nerves. I think she seems to take them so seriously that it's a little comic. This one's a doozy. The constellation uterus in the beginning and the weird/gross birth scenes freak me out. I do like the song though. Also...get your science right..."mitosis of the future" doesn't make sense.

In case you were wondering, the first two of these artists will be at Bonnaroo. And I. Can't. Wait.

Also, in academic news, I have decided on the lab(s) for my Ph.D. Sa-weet.

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carina said...

Apparently I am bad at technology and these videos are too large to fit in this format. My apologies.