Sunday, August 29, 2010

week one.

First week of grad school...DOWN.

To be honest I feel like the first week was a little bit of a let down. Most likely it's the result of the summer. I've already gotten used to campus, met a lot of people from my department, and been in the lab a lot, so it doesn't feel that different. I just have classes.

I'm taking three courses this semester, one of which is a seminar and only sort of counts. Biochemistry is good so far, it's a lot of review, but in much more detail, which I think will turn out to be extremely helpful. It's team-taught by three different professors and they crack me up, but I'm sure they are not trying to be funny. Enzymology is a lot of chemistry and math, which is nice, but at times confusing.

I really like the lab I'm in right now, everything just kind of clicks for me. Plus, I've only really been there a week (not even full days, just in between classes, etc.) and I'm already really comfortable, as if I've been there for a while. The PI is really open to questions, clarifications, and discussions, which is super helpful to me. I really like how hands-on he is.

Fall is shaping up to be a busy season this year. Of course I have school, but there are also two weddings and other things happening. I'm lining up my Fall concert series. I have a ticket for Sufjan Stevens (how awesome is it that he's touring?!) and will also have a ticket for either Vampire Weekend or The Flaming Lips, depending on how the scheduling works out. My ears are so pumped.

Speaking of music, I'm not sure I've ever been as anxious for an album to come out as I have been for this. I've been watching the video from that article at least five times a day since I saw it. And I've read various interviews of both Mavis Staples and Jeff Tweedy about working together. I can't believe that she is 71! My album copy has been pre-ordered so now I just have to wait for that beautiful download. Seriously excited.

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