Friday, April 24, 2009

underneath the skin

# 2

I think that for the most part the different parts of my body seem to be fairly normal-looking. They are approximately in proportion with one another and all look like standard versions of other people's body parts. There is one (or two rather) exception.

My feet. As a general rule, I'm not really a fan of most feet anyway, but mine feel especially foreign on my body. They are clearly reminiscent of hobbit feet, rather squarish with a few stray hairs on the tops.

I do like the scars I have from my surgery; they are kind of neat. Especially where the two scars don't overlap.

As I've gotten older and my feet have taken more abuse, there are strange little knobs on their sides. These are probably not good, but they don't bother me yet.

My toenails are small.

My feet are weird, but they probably fit me.

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