Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I love it when a song comes on the radio or on itunes shuffle and you haven't heard it in quite a while. As soon as it plays you instantly remember the first time you heard it, or maybe something really great that happened while you were listening to it. It's definitely one of my favorite life pleasures. If it's a good memory of course. Memorable:
  • Nearly any Weezer song reminds me of hanging out at Chris's house in high school. First semi-legitimate parties, etc. As well as the first time I listened to Jimi Hendrix (Foxy Lady-I'll never foget Ben singing).
  • Ben Folds- Riding in the car with Bryce, Colleen, Ben, Mike, and Andy. Usually being up to no good. And of course our infamous road trips.
  • Creep, Radiohead- Also riding with Bryce, Colleen, Ben, Mike, and Andy. And Bonnaroo.
  • Hoppipolla, Sigur Ros- Hanging out in the physics library with Ryan and Andrew and watching the music video for the first time. I was an insta-fan.
  • Ten Thousand Lines, Electric President- Also with Ryan and Andrew. Just driving North from Andrew's house after setting off \coke-bottle bombs.
  • Like Castanets, Bishop Allen- First time I ever heard them I was en route to seeing Regina Spektor with Morgan.
  • Regina Spektor- Driving home with Katie and Anna. Also insta-fan.
  • Cupid, Sam Cooke- Riding in the car with my mother after kindergarten. I knew all the words.
  • My Love, Petula Clark- Same as above.

Good times.

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